The College is proud to receive grants from World Bank through MHRD, Govt. of India under Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme – II (TEQIP-II) (Sub Component 1.1) towards improvement in teaching, learning, training and employability process. Under this TEQIP scheme the College has received financial grant of Rs. 2.0 Crores in 1st Phase out of Rs. 10.0 crores for various Departments. Also proportionate fund are utilized towards training of faculty members in top-level foreign universities for enhancement of advanced knowledge in Engineering / Basic Sciences fields and technical staff, organizing Seminar/Conferences, establishing Finishing Schools, academic support for weaker students etc and other related workshops for developmental work to strengthen the Institute in teaching, learning and employment in academics, research, consultancy and other services. Under this scheme financial assistanceship to some Non-GATE M.Tech. students amounting to Rs. 8000/- per month per student are provided. Similarly, through TEQIP the College is admitting full time regular Ph.D. students in various Departments with financial assistanceship of Rs. 18,000/- per month per student to the selected candidates At present 20 Ph.D. students in various Departments are working on full-time regular basis. This TEQIP-II programme is supervised by the Board of Governors (BOG) of TEQIP and Principal through a regulated TEQIP Cell having TEQIP Coordinator, various Nodal Officers and faculty members.



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NCB for 3D Printer and Scanner


National Workshop on "Water Resources Management: Challenges of the 21st Century in Indian Context"


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