Department of Electrical Engineering (NBA Accredited)



To develop the department bench marked at the national level, embedded with quality education, innovation, R&D activities and industrial consultancy in the domain of Electrical Engineering.

(i) To provide quality education at under graduate and post graduate level in the field of Electrical Engineering for meeting the current and future requirement of industry and to contribute in the growth of wealth and welfare of humanity .
(ii) To create opportunity for one and all by enhancing quality of infrastructural facilities and human resources in the field of Electrical Engineering and promoting round the clock connectivity for availing the resources to the fullest.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

PEO 1: To enable the graduates for applying their technical knowledge in taking up higher responsibilities in Industry, Academics and in diverse fields of Electrical Engineering.
PEO 2: To enable the graduates to identify, analyse, design and solve, Electrical Engineering problem with a strong foundation on basic sciences and mathematics.
PEO 3: To equip our graduates for exhibiting professionalism by displaying competency, leadership, dedication and commitment.
PEO 4: To make our graduates competent to deliver effective communication skills. To coordinate and compete effectively in multidisciplinary team works and contribute towards solving global, ethical, societal and environmental issues.

Program Outcomes (PO)

PO 1: Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering principles to solve electrical and allied engineering problems.
PO 2: Formulate and analyze complex engineering problems using first principles of mathematics, physical and engineering sciences.
PO 3: Design solutions for complex engineering problems, and design system components that meet specific societal needs.
PO 4: Design and conduct experiments and analyze and interpret data for complex systems.
PO 5: Select and apply appropriate modern engineering tools to complex engineering activities with an understanding of the limitations
PO 6: Apply reasoning informed by contextual knowledge to assess societal health, safety, legal and consequent responsibilities relevant to the professional engineering practice.
PO 7: Understand the impact of the professional engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge of, and need for sustainable development.
PO 8: Understand ethical principles and social issues.
PO 9: Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams to accomplish a common goal.
PO 10: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the engineering and management principles and apply these to one’s own work, as a member and leader in a team, to manage projects in multi-disciplinary environments.
PO 11: Communicate effectively with diverse audiences and able to write effective reports and design documentation.
PO 12: Recognize the need to engage in independent and lifelong learning in the context of technological change.

The Department of Electrical Engineering was started in the year 1982. The department focuses on utilizing its unbound resources to craft creative solutions to real world problem. The students are updated on the cutting edge technologies motivated by the faculty to pursue higher education. Our students have extended their brilliant academic record in various institutions of higher learning like IISC, IITs, IIMs etc. Software engineering is minutely interwoven in the curriculum with the students working in the CAD/CAM/CAE as well as C, C++, VB. The students of electrical engg undertake project work focused on latest development in core and associated electrical domain such as electric drives, static controllers, power system operation and control, VAR compensation, optimization technique applied to electrical system, CAD/CAM, telecommunication network, microprocessor and microcontroller based system, PLC based system, Instrumentation & measurement based system, VLSI & embedded system and some software related field. Students show their creative and innovative idea in laboratory and project work beyond the specified syllabus. The students are exposed to industrial environment during their summer training after 2nd and 3rd year in various reputed organizations like Rourkela Steel plant, National Aluminum Company, Hindalco, NTPC, TTPS, Gridco and many more. Students participate in various national level techno cultural activities and bring laurels for the institution as well as for the department. Techno cultural activities are organized by the Electrical Engg. Student Society (EESS) in the name of ‘URZAA’ annually with the active support & guidance of faculty members of the department.. The faculty members participate in Govt. sponsored project work in the field of Electrical Engg. The dept. of electrical engg is striving hard to impact quality teaching so as to make the students confident enough in shouldering their duties and responsibilities as power engineer in binding the nation.



Head of the Department :   Dr.   Ajit Kumar Barisal
Dr.  Prasanta Kumar Satpathy     
B. Tech(Hons) (VSSUT). M.Tech. (IIT,Delhi), Ph.D. (IIT,KGP) 
Power System, FACTS Devices, Application of Soft Computing Techniques

Email: [email protected]
DOJ: 29/05/1990 
Mob :9437136445
Dr.  Ajit Kumar Barisal     
B.E.(Electrical Engg), U.C.E, Burla M.Tech(Power System Engg), BESU, Kolkata, Ph.D.(Engg), Jadavpur University, Kolkata 
Power System Engineering

Email: [email protected]
DOJ: 31/05/2018 
Mob :9861128915
Associate Professor
Dr.  Lokanath Tripathy     
B.E, IGIT, Sarang( Utkal University) M.Tech, IISc, Bangalore(Power System) PhD, IIT, Bhubaneswar 
Power System Protection, HVDC, FACTS, Signal Processing Application to Power System Protection, Microgrid,
Renewable Energy

Email: [email protected]
DOJ: 31/07/2018 
Mob :9438324244
Dr.  Durgesh Prasad Bagarty     
B.Sc. Engg. (SU), M.Tech. (IIT,KGP), LMIST Ph.D. 
Power Electronics, Machine and Drives, Power System

E-mail: [email protected] 
Mob :9437536771
Dr.  Ranjan Kumar Jena     
BE (REC Rourkela) M.Tech. (NIT, Rourkela), Ph.D.(SU) 
Power Quality,
FACTS Device,
Power Electronics,
Embedded System and
Soft Computing

E-mail:[email protected]
DOJ: 25/04/2006 
Mob :9437040077
Res :0674-6451163
Dr.  Meera Viswavandya     
B.Tech.(CET), M.Tech.( Jadavpur Univ.) Ph. D. (Utkal), LMISTE 
Microprocessor, Control
System, Soft Computing

E-mail: [email protected] 
Mob :9437271790
Dr.  Ranjan Kumar Pradhan     
M.E. (Jadavpur University) Ph.D(IIT, Madras) 
Control System, Biomedical Engineering, Computational Systems Biology

E Mail:- [email protected]
DOJ:- 28/05/2018 
Mob :8917558334
Dr.  Ullash Kumar Rout     
B.E. (Hons.), Utkal University M.Tech. (IIT Kanpur) Ph.D. (University of Stuttgart,Germany) Post-doc (RITE, Japan; UCC, Ireland) 
Power and Energy System

E Mail:- [email protected]
DOJ:- 30/05/2018 
Mob :7978360990
Dr.  Prakash Kumar Ray     
M.E. (VSSUT, Burla) Ph.D (MNNIT, Allahabad) 
Power System Engineering (Power Quality, Stability and Grid integration issues in Distributed Generation based power systems)

E Mail:- [email protected]
DOJ:- 30/05/2018 
Mob :9438143665
Assistant Professor
Mr.  Kamlesh Chandra Rout     
B.Tech., VSSUT, Burla M.Tech., NIT, Rourkela, 
Power System Engineering

E-mail:[email protected] 
Mob :9778811437
Mr.  Rudra Narayan Pradhan     
Power System Engineering

E-mail: [email protected] 
Mob :9937113432
Mr.  Chakrapani Ghadai     
System Science & Automation

E-mail:[email protected] 
Mob :9937403991
Mr.  Ranjib Behera     
Power System Engg.

E-mail: [email protected] 
Mob :9778429611
Ms.  Jasmine Hansda     
Alt. Hydro Energy System

E-mail: [email protected] 
Mob :8875500778
Mr.  Neelakantha Guru     
Power Electronics & Drives

E-mail: [email protected] 
Mob :9658342905
Mr.  Santanu Sen     
Power System

E-mail: [email protected] 
Mob :9692362384
Mr.  Dipak Ranjan Swain     
Electrical Machine

E-mail: [email protected] 
Mob :9437171236
Mr.  Anjan Kumar Sahoo     
Power Systems

E-mail: [email protected] 
Mob :9937998133
Ms.  Samikshya Mishra     
Control System

E-mail: [email protected] 
Mob :8908028823
Ms.  Moningi Srivalli     
B.Tech. (UCE, Burla) M.Tech., 
Energy Systems

E-mail: [email protected] 
Mob :9668866744
Ms.  Sudipta Mohanty     
B.Tech. (DRIEMS, BPUT) M.Tech., 
Power Electronics & Drives

E-mail: [email protected] 
Mob :9861197798
Ms.  Twinkle Kisku     
B.Tech. (IGIT, Sarang) M.Tech., 
Energy Studies  Mob :9555130996
Ms.  Minakhi Behera     
B.Tech. (ITER, BPUT) M.Tech., 
Power control & Drive

E-mail: [email protected] 
Mob :8895638889
Mr.  Samarjit Patnaik     
B.Tech. (CET, BBSR) M.Tech., 
Control Systems

E-mail: [email protected] 
Mob :9438488168
Mr.  Lalbahadur Majhi     
B.Tech. M.Tech., 
Mr.  Abhimanyu Mohapatra     
B.E., M.Tech. ( BITS, Pilani), 
Power System, Control and Machines

E-mail: [email protected] 
Mob :8895274047
Ms.  Mita Behera     
Ms.  Swati Sucharita Pradhan     
B.Tech(MIET, BBSR) M.Tech(VSSUT, Burla) 
Power Electronics and Drives  Mob :8895064164
Ms.  Sabita Chaine     
BE(OSME Keonjhar) M.Tech(KEC, BBSR) 
Power System Operation & Control  Mob :943926869
Mr.  Rajesh Kumar Sahoo     
Power & Energy System  Mob :965833411
Mr.  Shakti Prasad Mishra     
B.Tech(MIET, BBSR) M.Tech(SRM University) 
Power System  Mob :7205498421
Mr.  Satabdi Das     
B.E(OSME, Keonjhar) M.Tech(KEC, BBSR) 
Power Electronic and Drives  Mob :9439268669
Mr.  Soumya Mishra     
B.Tech., M.Tech. 
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