Department of Biotechnology


To develop the department embedded with quality education, R&D activities, industrial association with professional and scholastic attitude and ethics in the domains of Biotechnology.


  • To provide the infrastructure and environment for enhancing quality human resources at par with the dynamic scenario of academic and industry in the field of Biotechnology.
  • To promote excellence in research activities for development of rational knowledge and positive contribution to the society.
  • To impart training for improvement of moral and professional skills in the practical field of Biotechnology.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)
PEO 1: To facilitate the graduates to acquire technical knowledge and preparing them for Research, Industry and Academic activities in the field of Biotechnology.
PEO 2: To enable the graduates to identify, analyze, design and solve problems related to the field of Biotechnology with a strong foundation on basic sciences, biology and IT related applications.
PEO 3: To produce human resources who are technically competent and morally strong with sound professional habits.
Program Outcomes (POs)
PO 1: Acquiring sufficient knowledge on fundamentals of engineering sciences, Biology, applied mathematics and computational aspects and to apply the knowledge gained on laboratory experiments.
PO 2: Developing skills to carry out experiments listed in syllabus and to implement individual/group project.
PO 3: Ability for hands on training and practical experience of techniques and methods in the field of Biotechnology.
PO 4: Possessing good analytical ability and rational thinking for consistent solution of subject and development of leadership qualities
PO 5: Motivating to undergo higher studies in India or other countries and preparing students for various competitive exams like GATE, NET etc.
PO 6: Applying the communicative language skills and professional knowledge to earn job opportunities in leading organizations and enhancement of entrepreneur skills.
PO 7: Learning professional, managerial, ethical and environmental based principles to become good citizen of our nation.
PO 8: Ability to use computers for programming, simulation, documentation, calculation, slide presentation etc.
PO 9: Acquiring required broader knowledge on all other engineering disciplines and basic understanding of interdisciplinary subjects.
PO 10: Understanding ethical principles and social issues and application of the subject knowledge in the respective areas.
PO 11: Effectively communicate with engineering community, with different society at large and comprehend the issues properly.
About the Department

The Biotechnology Department was established in 2007 with student intake of 30 for B Tech degree programme under self sustain mode. Later on M Tech degree programme started in the academic session 2013-14 as a regular programme with intake of 18.

Presently there are 8 teaching faculty members in the Department in various specialisations like Protein Engineering, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Industrial microbiology, Bioprocess Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Bioinformatics and Animal Biotechnology.

The academic performance of the B Tech students in the University Exams is very much satisfactory. The placement percentage for the students in last five years is also encouraging. The Department is actively engaged in a good number of consultancy jobs like structural vetting and material testing for the consultants in our laboratory.

In last five years, the faculty members have published a good no of papers in national and international journals.

The Department organises workshops and seminars every year for the interest of students and faculty of this Department. The Annual Technical Bulletin named ‘ESSENCE’ is published every year by this department with a view to provide the faculty and students a platform to show their talents and innovative ideas. The department also organises study visits for the students to the industries and national institutes. Also advance training programmes are arranged for the benefit of students inviting Professors from IITs/NITs and professional field experts under aegis of TEQIP.


Head of the Department :   Dr.   Ranjan Kumar Pradhan, Mob :8917558334
Assistant Professor on Contract
Mr.  Sripad Chandan Patnaik     
M.Sc., M.Tech.(NIT, RKL), 
Biochemistry, Bio Informatics

E-mail:[email protected] 
Mob :8895084630
Dr.  Mrs. Supriya Dash     
M.Sc.,Ph.D (Utkal Univ.) 
Biochemistry, Immunology
E-mail:[email protected] 
Mob :9437287797
Mr.  Swagat Kumar Das     
B.Pharm., M.Tech. (RGPV, Bhopal) 
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Immuno technology,
E-mail:[email protected] 
Mob :9040251794
Dr.  Suraj Kumar Nayak     
M.Sc., Ph.D. (OUAT) 
Microbiology & Microbial Biotech

E-mail:[email protected] 
Mob :9437155632
Mr.  B Baliyarsingh     
M.Sc., M.Tech. (WBUT, Kolkata) 
Molecular Biology & Rec-DNA Technology

E-mail: [email protected] 
Mob :9818539753
Ms.  Sonali Mohapatra     
Industrial Biotechonology  Mob :8093706584
Ms.  Prangya Priyadarshinee     
biochemistry, MicroBilogy  Mob :8260066186
Mr.  Bhagabat Prasad Rath     
Industrial Microbiology and Enzyme Technology  Mob :8895796571
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