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Department Tender Name and No. Opening Date Last Date for Tender Submission Contact Information
Textile Engineering 0941/CET, Dated-17/03/2020, SUPPLY EQUIPMENTS 20-03-2020 20-04-2020 HOD, Textile Mob;- 94373855544
Chemistry Equipment No. 0922 /CET Date- 18/3/2020 18-04-2020 18-04-2020 HOD, Chemistry Mob :9437273851
Computer Science & Engineering Online UPS, BID Ref No.0808/CET , Date:06.03.2020 08-04-2020 07-04-2020 PIC CCL-1 Mob:- 9437319132
Computer Science & Engineering CORRIGENDUM FOR TENDER NOTICE NO. 0808/CET , Date:06.03.2020, Online UPS 08-04-2020 07-04-2020 PIC CCL-1 Mob:- 9437319132
Chemistry Water Circulator, No. 0796(A) /CET, Date- 04/03/2020, 24-03-2020 24-03-2020 HOD, CHEMISTRY Mob:- 9437273851
Mechanical Engineering 24 channel universal input process data logger with pen drive and box model ii) Indoor air quality monitoring device iii) Air particulate measuring instrument, No.-0639/CET/ME 24-03-2020 23-03-2020 HOD, Mechanical Mob :9438180389
Chemistry REFRACTOMETER No. 0584 /CET Date- 18/02/2020 11-03-2020 11-03-2020 HOD, Chemistry Mob :9437273851
Chemistry Rate contract of lab chemicals No. 0436 /CET Date- 04/02/2020 26-02-2020 26-02-2020 HOD, Chemistry Mob :9437273851
Principal SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF TENT, LIGHT , Bid Ref No. 0316/CET, Date:25-01-2020 06-02-2020 06-02-2020 Faculty Coordinator Technical Mob:- 9337645056
Principal Stand-up Comedian No. 0377 /CET, dated 29.01.2020 06-02-2020 Dr. M.P. Mishra Coordinator, Literary Society Mob :9861089261
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