Library Rules

  1 Before entering into the library the user has to sign in the entry register and shall not be allowed without identity card. Personal books and personal belongings should be kept at the property counter.  
  2 The library premises shall not be used for any purpose other than reading or consulting the library documents.  
  3 Silence shall be maintained strictly in the library.  
  4 Spitting, smoking, gossiping and sleeping inside the library are strictly prohibited. Users should maintain discipline and decorum inside the library.  
  5 Any unauthorized person shall not be allowed to enter into the library.  
  6 Writing upon either for the purpose of correcting an error or underline the words and sentences in the books, journals and other documents of library is not allowed. Dog-earing of pages or otherwise damage them or making any alteration in the printing of the books and journals is also not allowed. For any such damage to the library materials the user has to replace the same or will pay the fine as imposed thereon by the authority.  
  7 If any publication is lost or disfigured or if any page and picture is removed by a reader, the user must replace it by a new copy or pay the value three times of the original cost thereof, plus any fine that may be imposed on the user by the authority. If one volume of a set is damaged the whole set shall be replaced.  
  8 The borrower’s ticket is valid for one academic year. The book will be lent to a member only in exchange for one of his / her ticket.  
  9 The books are issued for two weeks to the students and one month for the faculties. The Book bank books are issued to students for one semester.  
  10 The loss of tickets shall be reported immediately to the librarian. A duplicate thereof can be issued on payment of Rs 50/- (Rupees fifty only) for each ticket after one month from the date of application requesting for a duplicate ticket. The member shall remain responsible for misuse of the lost ticket and all books issued against the ticket before the loss was reported. However for the damaged / soiled ticket a replacement ticket will be issued on payment of Rs 5/- (Rupees Five only), but the user has to surrender the damaged / soiled ticket (s).  
  11 All members shall secure a “NO DUES CERTIFICATE” from the library after clearing all the dues and surrendering their Borrower’s ticket at the time of terminating their association with the college.  
  12 In case a book is not returned on or before due date, overdue charge of Rs 1/- (Rupees One only) per day per volume will be collected. In case of Book Bank, if the book is not returned after the end of the semester the overdue charge of Rs 2/- per day per book will be collected. All books shall be returned to the library before the borrower proceeds on vacation, leave or study leave exceeding one week.  
  13 The users of the library shall always produce their identity cards when demanded by the library staff at the gate or anywhere in the premises of the library.  
  14 Certain category of documents which need special protection such as multi volume rare books, thesis etc or those in special demand can’t be taken outside the premises of the library.  
  15 Periodicals shall be consulted inside the library premises and cannot be issued outside the library.  
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