Department of Instrumentation & Electronics Engineering (NBA Accredited)


To impart excellent standards of education by keeping pace with rapidly changing technologies in the field of Instrumentation and Electronics Engineering.

• To generate technical manpower meeting the dynamically changing scenario of industry, academic and start-ups
• To instill a sense of entrepreneurship to enable students exploiting competencies in the field of Electronics
• To produce human resources equipped with a strong value of ethics contributing positively to the society

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO 1: Excel in professional career and/or higher education by acquiring knowledge in mathematical, computing and engineering principles
PEO 2: Analyze real life problems, design data acquisition systems with computing platforms appropriate to Instrumentation and Electronics that are technically sound, economically feasible and acceptable to the Industry
PEO 3: Exhibit professionalism, ethical attitude, communication skills, team work in profession and adapt to current trends by engaging in lifelong learning

Program Outcomes (POs)

PO 1: To acquire the right knowledge on fundamentals of engineering, applied mathematics and computation and to verify the theoretical concepts through laboratory experiments.
PO 2: To apply the knowledge in engineering and communicative language skills to earn job opportunities in leading organizations and pursue higher studies in India/abroad.
PO 3: To have the requisite ability to design, construct and test application oriented circuits/ systems related to analog/digital/mixed signal based electronics, and instrumentation engineering.
PO 4: To possess the right kind of skills to use computers for programming, simulation, documentation, calculation, slide presentation and a host of applications.
PO 5: To be flexible in order to execute team work in the form of minor/major projects without any prejudice based on gender, language, creed and colour.
PO 6: To learn professional, managerial, ethical and environmental based principles in order to become good citizens.

The Department of Instrumentation and Electronics Engineering was established in 1992. It is equipped with sophisticated laboratories and well qualified faculty. The students are made adept in the sessional at the microprocessors and pc lab, process control and instrumentation and device lab. These labs provide facilities for microprocessors and computer based temperature, pressure, flow and level. Control Engg. Lab adds to the further expertise in electrical, mechanical and electromechanical application based experiments. The dept. also possesses an in house computer hardware lab& PC lab. It has many 8bit/12bit/32bit processor based computer that are connected in the both Linux and Windows NT operating system environment. Other software package like PSPICE, MATLAB, VISUAL STUDIO, JAVA etc. are used for computer aided projects. These help the student in keeping pace with the recent developments in the field of information since and engg. And at the same time enhancing and strengthening their knowledge by designing packages required to solve real life problem. The faculty specializes in the field of process control & instrumentation, telecommunication engg. Digital system, automation engineering, biomedical instrumentation, artificial intelligence, microelectronics, electronic communication system etc.


Head of the Department :   Dr.   Aruna Tripathy
Dr.  Sribatsa Behera     
B.Sc. (Engg.), Electrical Engg., UCE Burla M.Tech. (IIT, KGP), Ph. D. (IIT, Kanpur) MISTE, FIE, MIETE, MIEEE 
Power Electronics, AC/DC Drives, Control System, Microprocessor

Mob :9437420486
Associate Professor
Dr.  Chandrabhanu Mishra     
B.Tech. (Electrical) (NIT, Warangal) M.Tech. (Instrumentation) (IIT, KGP), Ph.D. (IIT,KGP) MISTE 
Instrumentation, Fault
Diagnosis, Modeling and Simulation

Mob :9438730805
Dr.  Aruna Tripathy     
B.Sc. (SU),M.Tech. (IIT, KGP), Ph.D. (IIT, KGP) 
Communication, Signal Processing

Mob :9438708280
Assistant Professor
Dr.  Tapas Kumar Patra     
BE,(UCE, Burla), M.E.(NIT, Rourkela) Ph.D. (IISc., Bangalore) MISTE, MIEEE, MCSE, 
Electronic Systems & CommunicationWireless Networking, Control System, Microprocessor

Mob :9438020131
Dr.  Kanhu Charan Bhuyan     
B.Tech. (CET),M.Tech.(IITD), MISTE, Ph.D. (NIT, Rourkela), 
Control System and Automation, Electronic Circuits, Digital Electronics, Measurement System

Mob :9861371196
Dr.  Madhab Chandra Tripathy     
B.Tech. (Hons) (CET) M.Tech. (JU), MISTE Ph.D. (IIT, KGP), 
DSP, Digital System and

Mob :9437159368
Mr.  Sushanta Kumar Sahu     
M.Tech. (VSSUT, Burla), 
Communication System Engg., VLSI Signal Processing

Mob :9861146370
Mr.  Jagannath Sethi     
M.Tech. (BPUT), 
Electronics & Telecommunication

Mob :9692001046
Ms.  Rashmi Rekha Sahoo     
B.Tech. (CET, Bhubaneswar) M.Tech. (IIT, Kharagpur), 
Instrumentation Engineering

Mob :9439850854
Ms.  Satyabhama Dash     
B.Tech. (CET, Bhubaneswar) M.Tech. (Jadavpur University), 
Electronics Devices

Mob :9438491806
Ms.  Soumyashree Mangaraj     
B.Tech. (SIET, Dhenkanal) M.Tech. (Centre for Microelectronics), 
VLSI & Embedded Systems

Mob :9778848302
Mr.  Debi Prasad Dash     
B.Tech. (SIT, Bhubaneswar) M.Tech. (College of Engg., Pune), 
Process Instrumentation

Mob :8093326112
Ms.  Abhyarthana Bisoyi     
B.Tech. (NIST Berhampur), M.Tech. (NIT, Rourkela), 
Electronics & Instrumentation

Mob :9437885898
Mr.  Naresh Chandra Naik     
B.Tech. (VSSUT, Burla) M.Tech. (IIT, Bombay), 
Communication Engineering

Mob :9658120210
Ms.  Karmila Soren     
B.Tech. (ITER, BPUT) M.Tech. (NIT, Rourkela), 
Control and Automation

Mob :8895068628
Mr.  Bijaya Kumar Ekka     
B.Tech. (VSSUT, Burla) M.Tech. (IIT, Bhubaneswar), 
Electronics & Communication

Mob :8895904757
Ms.  Rasmita Routray     
B.Tech. (JIET, BPUT) M.Tech. (VSSUT, Burla), 
Communication System Engg.

Mob :9003094042
Ms.  Suman Bala Behera     
B.Tech. (UCE, Burla) M.Tech. (KIIT, Bhubaneswar), 
Signal Processing 
Mob :8895815729
Ms.  Ananya Dastidar     
B.Tech. (OEC) M.Tech. (BPUT), 
VLSI & Embedded Systems

Mob :9861230224
Mr.  Sudhansu Ranjan Dwibedi     
B.Tech(ITER) M.Tech(BPUT) 
VLSI & Embedded System  Mob :9583628099
Mr.  Tapan Kumar Das     
B.Tech. (VSSUT, Burla) M.Tech.(IIT, BBSR) 
Electronics & Communication

Mob :7205959400
Ms.  Anwesha Panigrahi     
B.Tech. (ITER, SOA) M.Tech (CET, BBSR) 
Electronics & Instrumentation

Mob :8763412632
Ms.  Debashree Brahma     
B.Tech. (SIT, BPUT) M.Tech. (CET, BBSR) 
Electronics & Instrumentation

Mob :8598985142
Mr.  Anwesh Das     
B.Tech. (PCE, BPUT) M.Tech.(AIT, Thailand) 

Mob :9910769275
Mr.  Jigyansu Samal     
B.Tech. (ABIT, BPUT) M.Tech. (CET, BPUT) 
Communication System Engineering

Mob :8763375626
Ms.  Prangya Paramita Pradhan     
B.Tech. (MITS, BPUT) M.Tech. (IIT, Guwahati) 
Signal Processing

Mob :9437339416
Ms.  Dipika Pallo     
B.Tech. (KEC, BPUT) M.Tech. (CET, BPUT) 
Electronics & Instrumentation

Mob :8763566923
Mr.  Pradosh Kumar Hota     
B.E. (CVRCE, UU) M.Tech. (KIIT, BBSR) 
Communication System Engg.

Mob :9438361302
Ms.  Rashmi Rekha Mishra     
M.Tech. (Berhampur Univ.) 
Electronics & Information System

Mob :9438361302
Mr.  Debasis Suryanarayan Das     
B.Tech(SIET) M.Tech(KIIT) 
Communication System Emgineering

Mob :9861489245
Ms.  Pranati Patri     
B.Tech(KIIT) M.Tech(BPUT) 
VLSI & Embedded System

Mob :9438558301
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