Department of Civil Engineering (NBA Accredited)


To build technocrats with capability of accepting new challenges of society by utilising technical knowledge in the civil engineering related fields.

1. To provide quality education, skill in research and consultancy.
2. Should demonstrate ethical leadership and team work while working with others.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO 1: To excel in professional Carrier and higher studies with cost effective, sustainability, functional and innovative ideas in analysis, design, mathematical computing by acquiring fundamental engineering knowledge and skill.
PEO 2: To develop leadership and cooperation characteristic in professional and other activities by accruing required attitude, skill sets, values of life.
PEO 3: To inculcate human concise and socially acceptable behaviour in graduates, so that they can rightly understand the implication of technology on society.

Program Outcomes (POs)

PO 1: Ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, basic science, general engineering skills and core engineering to the defined and applied engineering structure.
PO 2: to understand, identify, formulate, analysis and solve civil engineering problems.
PO 3: Graduate will have confident to design experiments to evaluate the performance of engineering system or component
PO 4: Investigate the problems, identify data form literature and data sheet and can validate with some conclusion.
PO 5: Use the current skills, techniques of civil engineering and modern engineering tools for professional engineering practice.
PO 6: Able to demonstrate their civil engineering knowledge and skill to assess legal environmental and cultural issues relevant to professional engineering practice.
PO 7: Graduates could visualize professionally as well as ethically as engineering solution for environmental issues taking into account sustainable development.
PO 8: Flexibility to execute team work or individually or as leader in diverse teams in different environment.
PO 9: Effectively communicate with engineering community, with different society at large and comprehend the issues properly.
PO 10: Development of engineering and managerial skill required to manage the project under multidisciplinary environment.
PO 11: Recognize the need of lifelong learning in civil engineering relevant to rapidly changing environment.


The Department was established in 1981 with the inception of the college. The Department boasts of a faculty that specializes in the fields of structure engineering, earthquake engineering, facture mechanics, hydrology, water resources, foundation engineering, transportation engineering, construction management, entrepreneurship and environmental engineering. The labs are fully equipped to enhance the knowledge of the student, periodic field trips and visits to various project sites are arranged. Special lectures and seminars are held on a frequent basis to help them tailor in their particular areas of interest. The department maintains the environmental citizenship cell of the college and distributes work on the government funded projects among its student. The department also undertakes consultancy work and martial testing in its well equipped labs for various organizations. This Department offer M.Tech. in Structural Engineering with effect from 2005.


Head of the Department :   Dr.   Deba Prakash Satapathy
Dr.  Prof. Pravat Kumar Parhi     
B.Sc.Engg.(OUAT) M.Sc.Engg (REC, RKL) Ph.D.(IIT,KGP) 
Structural Engineering,
Composite structures, Structural mechanics
Mob :9437176889
Res :0674-2570610
Associate Professor
Dr.  Falguni Baliarsingh     
AMIE,ME(Anna University, Chennai), Ph.D.(IIT,KGP),LMISTE 
Hydrology and Water Resources Engg.
e-mail id :
Mob :9437136441
Res :0674-2430154
Dr.  Deba Prakash Satapathy     
B.Tech. (NIT, Rourkela) M.Tech. (DTU, Delhi) Ph.D. (IIT, Delhi) 
Hydraulics / Water Resources Engineering, FEM, Groundwater modeling and GIS
Mob :9861761399
Assistant Professor
Mrs.  Sabita Dash     
B.Tech. (CET, OUAT) M.Tech. (Gold Medal, NIT, RKL), 
Structural Engineering
Mob :9437374185
Mr.  Pramod Kumar Behera     
B.Tech. (IGIT, Sarang) M.Tech. (IIT, KGP), 
Transportation Engineering
Mob :9937667809
Ms.  Pramodini Sahu     
B.Tech. (OEC, BPUT) M.Tech. (KIIT Univ.), 
Construction Engineering & Management

DOJ: 24/10/2014 
Mob :7381016151
Ms.  Swetalina Nath     
B.Tech. (OEC, BBSR) M.Tech. (NIT, Warangal), 
Remote Sensing & GIS, Water Resource Engineering.

Mob :7540889826
Ms.  Benazeer Sultana     
B.Tech. (IGIT, Sarang) M.Tech. (NIT, Rourkela), 
Geo-technical Engineering

DOJ: 08/10/2014 
Mob :9861350815
Ms.  Chhabirani Tudu     
B.Tech. (IGIT, Sarang) M.Tech. (NIT, Rourkela), 
Structural Engineering
DOJ: 15/10/2014 
Mob :9439860601
Ms.  Rosalin Dalai     
B.Tech. (IGIT, Sarang) M.Tech. (IIT, Kanpur), 
Environmental Engineering

DOJ: 27/10/2014 
Mob :9861429643
Ms.  Siprarani Pradhan     
B.Tech. (IACR, Rayagada) M.Tech. (CEG, Chennai), 
Water Resources
DOJ: 25/11/2014 
Mob :8280245115
Ms.  Padmabati Sahoo     
B.Tech. (VSSUT, Burla) M.Tech. (NIT, Rourkela), 
Structural Engineering

Mob :9777566571
Mr.  Biswajit Majhi     
B.Tech(VSSUT, Burla) M.Tech.(NIT,Rkl), 
Structural Engineering
e-mail id :
DOJ : 26/08/2016 
Mob :9776162640
Mr.  Mr.Sirajudheen C H (TEQIP-III)     
B.Tech (CET, Trivandrum) M.Tech (IIT Madras), 
Offshore Structural Engineering
e-mail id : 
Mob :9496076096
Mr.  Mr. S. B. Dash (TEQIP-III)     
B.Tech (ITER, BBSR) M.Tech (NIT, RKL), 
Transportation Engineering
e-mail id : 
Mob :8763039654
Mr.  Mr.RaghupathiKandiboina (TEQIP-III)     
B.Tech (JNTUK Kakinada) M.Tech (IIT Bombay), 
Transportation Systems Engineering
e-mail id : 
Mob :9989303609
Mr.  Mr.Abhijeet Swain (TEQIP-III)     
B.Tech (CET, BBSR) M.Tech (IIT Kanpur), 
Geotechnical Engineering
e-mail id : 
Mob :8601328317
Assistant Professor on Contract
Ms.  Madhusmita Mishra     
M.Sc( FM Univ. Balasore), M.Tech, 
Environmental Engineering & Science
e-mail id : 
Mob :7992728678
Ms.  Subhadipta Chaudhury     
B.Tech(BPUT) M.Tech(CET BBSR), 
Geotechnical Engineering
e-mail id : 
Mob :8763784673
Ms.  Binayini Bahgat     
B.Tech(BPUT) M.Tech(BPUT), 
Water Resources Engineering
e-mail id : 
Mob :8895474539
Ms.  Chinmayee Mohapatra     
B.Tech(BPUT) M.Tech(VSSUT,Burla), 
Transportation Engineering
e-mail id : 
Mob :7205597727
Mr.  Shovam Mahapatra     
B.Tech(BPUT) M.Tech(NIT,Rkl), 
Water Resources Engineering
e-mail id : 
Mob :7978722482
Ms.  Monalisa Kuanar     
B.Tech(BPUT) M.Tech(BPUT), 
Water Resources Engineering
e-mail id : 
Mob :7008233071
Ms.  Debasmita Panda     
B.Tech(BPUT) M.Tech(BPUT), 
Structural Engineering
e-mail id : 
Mob :8895489879
Ms.  Tanushree Ray     
B.Tech(BPUT) M.Tech(BPUT,IGIT Sarang), 
Structural Engineering
e-mail id : 
Mob :7008936449
Mr.  Sidhartha Baral     
B.Tech(BPUT) M.Tech(BPUT), 
Geotechnical Engineering
e-mail id : 
Mob :7978080992
Ms.  Smita Sahoo     
B.Tech(Berhampur University) M.Tech(SOA University,BBSR), 
Structural Engineering
e-mail id : 
Mob :9437226163
Ms.  Monoswi Manini Sahoo     
B.Tech(BPUT) M.Tech(VSSUT,Burla), 
Geotechnical Engineering
e-mail id : 
Mob :7008582031
Ms.  Madhumita Bera     
B.Tech(BPUT) M.Tech(BPUT), 
Structural & Foundation Engineering
email id : 
Mob :8327755124
Ms.  Chinmayee Biswakalyani     
B.Tech(BPUT) M.Tech(CET), 
Water Resources Engineering
e-mail id : 
Mob :9583883680
Ms.  Pragyan Das     
B.Tech(BPUT) M.Tech(VSSUT,Burla), 
Environmental Engineering
e-mail id : 
Mob :9692554444
Ms.  Punam Verma     
B.Tech(KIIT University,BBSR) M.Tech(KIIT University,BBSR), 
Structural Engineering
e-mail id : 
Mob :8093284948
Mr.  Pratik Mohanty     
B.Tech(SOA University,BBSR) M.Tech(SVNIT,Surat), 
Soil Mechanics And Foundation Engineering
e-mail id : 
Mob :9437670240
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